Creation & The Creator: Layers of Life

Laura Miller November 21, 2023 2 1
Creation & The Creator: Layers of Life

Creation & The Creator: Layers of Life

Introducing Creation & The Creator!

Sanctuary First's Green Christian Network


A new monthly video, blog and podcast series exploring God and the environment and how we as Christians can do our part to care for the natural world.  

Every month there will be new material diving into a different idea around the enviroment where we will encourage each of you to take part and start your own projects at the end of the month, we will conclude with an online Green Christian Network group where we take time to pray and encourage each other to care for God's beautiful creation.

Laura Miller talks to us all about harvesting & composting and introduces us to the first episode of our NEW Creation & The Creator series.


Isn't it amazing how often Jesus spoke in parables about growing crops? I have just been reading today about some of the projects happening in the UK just now that are trying to strike the balance between rewilding land versus the need to grow food locally.

Jesus spoke of all the interfering factors that could halt the growth of seeds to plants. In the Kingdom of God, is it possible to use His teachings to encourage us to try new projects, whether physical or spiritual?

At Sanctuary First we are launching our own branch of a Green Christian Network. This is to encourage those who want to channel their love of the environment into both action and enjoying fellowship.

Now we are marching through the season of autumn and heading into winter it is hard to imagine that when Laura Digan came to visit my garden recently it was a dry and sunny day!

I have been developing and growing a small sustainable garden for several years now. It has become a haven for friends and family to enjoy times of fellowship in.

In order to get one last glorious taste of harvest, we got some footage of the very last precious (and delicious) potatoes. Watch as Laura and I share our passion for enjoying and protecting nature together. In anticipation of releasing the video, we are asking if people could pitch in and share any photos or videos of their own gardens with the Sanctuary First community. Maybe you have a small outside space, or maybe you have a kitchen windowsill to show us. We would love to see your displays, whatever location or size they inhabit. Sharing your creativity might inspire someone else to try something new! You might have a field of flowers you would love us to all enjoy seeing. Thank you in advance for your contributions.

Many of us will have memories of growing mustard and cress seeds on paper towels as children. This year I discovered just how quickly these two seeds can grow into full size plants. There is still time this year to experiment with growing some fresh herbs at home. When the cold months creep on, having something nutritious growing helps protect my mental health as I wait for spring. Perhaps I need a trip to the garden centre! Starting with a bought baby plant is nothing to be ashamed of.

Winter is a time of stillness for many. As the leaves that have fallen dissolve into the ground, it can be challenging to enjoy the anticipation of new growth. The cares of the world can sap our ability to pray, and to hope.

In the video I talk briefly about preparing compost and gave some suggestions from my own experience. Just this week I began another patch on top of the bare grass. The ground underneath is solid clay. Impossible to dig.

I start with layers of cardboard, and add leaf litter as it falls. The power of Winter is that it can transform rotting organic matter into fertile ground. Cold hard clay needs lots of patient layers on top. At the moment it looks higgledy piggelty, but nature does not mind if I am not very neat!

I love feeling the layers as I lay them down. They remind my heart to pray for the hardness in the world. The soft dead leaves are a reminder that eventually the ground opens up. Decay and destruction can be transformed to fertile ground beneath. What a reminder of God's ability to tend to our difficult times and produce a harvest.

Why not join in and watch the video? There is a podcast with further discussion to look forward to, and perhaps you would like to join in the new online group?

This begins on the 29th of November, from 7.30-9.00 pm. The group will be full of positive discussion as we explore what the Bible says on our role in caring for the Creation that The Creator has blessed us with.

All newcomers will be given a lovely warm welcome. We look forward to sharing with you all as this new venture spreads and grows.


Laura Miller