Pentecost 2022

Pentecost Picnics, Kites and all that….

In the light of all the restrictions over the last two years, it is time to get out again and to celebrate! Let’s bring some of the fun and excitement of Pentecost to the streets of our towns and villages and draw people in from the highways and byways to mark the birthday of the church.

There are plans afoot to encourage congregations and communities to host a Pentecost Picnic. Let’s get out into the church garden, or better still, into the local park, or onto the beach or climb to the top of a hill on June 5th – to enjoy each other’s company and to let the wind of God’s Spirit refresh and excite us all over again!

How about making kite flying the centre piece of the gathering and see if we can fill every part of the sky over Scotland with brightly coloured, homemade, kites? Just imagine!

And kites just happen to have a cross as a frame. Why not use each of the 4 sections to write a prayer on? A prayer for your congregation, for your community, for the country and for the world? That way the skies will also be covered in prayers!

Templates, service suggestions and packs will be available to download from the Church’s website soon – so get planning! The sky’s the limit…. Literally!

That particular weekend is of course, doubly exciting as it also marks the Queen’s Platinum celebrations. Even more of an excuse to enjoy ourselves.

As the Pentecost winds of change whoosh around us, may we find ourselves soaring to new heights as we are propelled out into the world with the excitement of the good news of the living, breathing, loving God.

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Members of the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) read the biblical story of Pentecost in 20 languages from 30 countries over 4 continents. You could include this in your Pentecost service, and see how many languages and flags you recognise! (Produced by our partner church the Reformed Church in Hungary)

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Weekly Worship

On the main Church of Scotland website you can access a number of service-related elements that could be included in a worship service on Pentecost.

Visit the weekly worship page for Pentecost.

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Song: Dream on Brother

The Bogle band have produced a song that’s available to view here, and be used during services.