Faith at the Fringe Podcasts!

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Faith at the Fringe Podcasts!

The Faith at the Fringe Podcasts are coming back!


The season of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is almost upon us again, when the artists, musicians, performers and creators decend upon Scotland for the biggest international arts festival in the world! We will be back again with a series of new podcasts speaking to some of the people who are part of the festival this year either bringing shows themselves or part of the arts community in another way. All of the podcasts will be availible to listen and watch via the Sanctuary First website, via our App and on Facebook, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

What has all this to do with faith you ask? Well, that is the point - we have restricted faith to theological words and statements. Faith is not a collection of words put in the right order. Living faith is about living life and for the Christian, it is living life walking with Jesus.

To help with this new project we will be setting up shop in Edinburgh in St Cuthberts Parish Church with our new podcast recording studio. The studio will hopefully once again be a fantastic link between our growing digital community and a touching point to not only the festival, but the local creatives and Christian community in Scotland.  

Faith at the Fringe is a Sanctuary First initiative seeking to engage with the Edinburgh Arts Festival.  We are hoping to build bridges into the Arts Community that coalesces around the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Through a series of podcasts, released each week, we aim to explore with creatives their work, and to start constructing bridges that will make faith and art more accessible to those in search of beauty and truth. 

The Edinburgh Arts Festival for many, gives glimpses into life and it’s meaning especially those who are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. Comedy, plays, music, books, all can play a part in helping us become more self-aware and dare I say it God aware.

As people of faith, we believe that the Creative Arts needs to be welcomed back into the life of our churches.  Perhaps even more so, we in the churches need to allow ourselves to be welcomed back into the lives and venues of artists and creatives. When this occurs a greater awareness of creativity as a spiritual journey often happens. For hundreds of years the artist was part of the church community, it's time for a revival!

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This year we are reaching out to the Sanctuary First community to help us to financially support this project as it aims to reach a new community of people not previously engaged with Church. If you are able to support us with a small donation, every little helps to make this project a reality. So far we have raised over half of our £5000 goal for this years project!


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