Daily Worship

We belong to God

October 06, 2014 0

Psalms 100: 1-5

Sing to the LORD, all the world! Worship the LORD with joy; come before him with happy songs! Acknowledge that the LORD is God. He made us, and we belong to him; we are his people, we are his flock. Enter the Temple gates with thanksgiving; go into its courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise him. The LORD is good; his love is eternal and his faithfulness lasts forever. 

‘He made us, and we belong to him; we are his people, we are his flock.’

Loving God we live in a busy, hectic and frantic world:
    -    a world where, so often, we are surrounded by noise and people and crowds and problems;
    -    a world that can be confusing and feel as if it is out of control;
    -    a world where we can sometimes feel alone, unsure of our place, our purpose, our meaning.

And into this confusion we hear the words of the Psalmist who says that you made us, and we belong to you; we are your people, we are your flock.  
Father, in your love, you give us 
    -    a place to belong and where we can be at home
    -    a place in your presence, 
    -    a place in your eternal plan 
    -    a place surrounded by your eternal love.

We thank you that you, the God of all creation call us yours and that we belong to you.  May that knowledge encourage us, affirm us, inspire us and strengthen us this day.  In Jesus name we pray.  AMEN.