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Telling of wonders

July 22, 2021 2
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Psalm 78: 1-4 (GNT)

1 Listen, my people, to my teaching,
    and pay attention to what I say.
2 I am going to use wise sayings
    and explain mysteries from the past,
3     things we have heard and known,
    things that our ancestors told us.
4 We will not keep them from our children;
    we will tell the next generation
    about the Lord's power and his great deeds
    and the wonderful things he has done.

‘Tell me the old old story’, says an old old hymn.

Storytelling is as old as the hills, they say. 

In these times of lockdown we have depended very much on various media in lieu of actually meeting people. 

I phone a friend.

Hello, how are you? 
Fine. And yourself?
Fine. Not much news.
No, not much here either. 

And somehow we talk for an hour.

Because we still have stories to tell, stories from long ago, from another conversation, from a letter received, from a remembered funny incident, from a pertinent remark Granny used to make.  

Stories pass down the generations, spanning the years. My brother and a cousin, both very interested in family history, have put together a proper book, centred round our mutual grand-parents. We all contributed – so many stories! Some in different versions, some hitherto unheard by some of us, some amusing, some tragic. Stories of love, of courage, of faith. 

The Psalms are full of the wonders God has done — the rout of enemies, the rescue from danger, the setting out of rules to live by, the mercy God shows us in spite of our failings, the new song he enables us to sing.




God of eternity.

God of our fathers and mothers,

God of all the generations,

God of the prophets and the saints,

God of story and song,


we praise and thank you that you came to us,

that you include us,

embrace us, love us,

whoever we are,

in our particular time and place.