Daily Worship

Tearing and Mending

September 26, 2015 0 0

Ecclesiastes 3: 7

God sets a time to rip up and a time to mend,
a time to shut up and a time to speak out.

You may like to use the symbol of a piece of cloth or a garment as a focus for your prayers.
Tearing clothes or cloth has been used variously as a symbol of lament, anger, repentance, a sign of seeking God. You might like to rip your piece of cloth (unless it’s your nicest shirt!) and as you rip it allow the sound and the sensations to speak to you. What parts of life do you need to tear away? You might also want to mend the cloth by sewing a few stitches in it and then contemplate what God might mend in you that has been ripped apart. Ripping away injustice or mending broken hearts can lead us on to speak out or to wait in compassionate silence.

God of Justice and Mercy,
tear away all that is wrong in my life,
and mend the brokenness I know within,
help me live in peace and righteousness,
in harmony with all your children.
Give me: 
courage to confess my mistakes and wrongdoing,
faithfulness to stand up for what is right,
wisdom to know when to keep my mouth shut,
and compassion to hold a hand that needs my care.