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Success Stories

August 27, 2016 0

Proverbs 3:3

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.

It is an inevitability, widely acknowledged, that we will all face failure at some point in our lives.  It may seem that our friends and family are doing much better than we are and getting ahead in life when we are falling by the wayside or facing dire circumstances.  

Perhaps it is something we see on Facebook or hear from a family friend or watch on television that suggests to us that we are not keeping up with the pack- that our own shortcomings are more significant than they actually are.

However we can take heart in learning that some of the biggest success stories we know today started with failure.  

A young man dropped out of college and started a traffic flow data analysis company with a friend.  After about 8 years the business flopped with practically no customers.  That flop was the essential step to the creation of Microsoft and has made Bill Gates the household name he is today.

A single mother- struggling with depression, divorce, her mother’s death and surviving on benefits- later became one of the world’s best known and most successful authors of the 21st century.  JK Rowling now supports a number of charities including one she co-founded to help disadvantaged children.

After starting several degrees and failing to finish (before eventually obtaining a law diploma), Nelson Mandela subsequently spent 27 years in prison for his civil rights activities against a pro-apartheid government.  He later became the first democratically elected president of South Africa and remains one of the world’s most beloved public figures to date.

Last month we learned of the struggles to bring the Jubilee Hope ship to Mwanza with delays, mechanical failures and fuelling issues working against the team. They eventually triumphed and now the medical ship reaches approximately 100,000 Lake Victoria inhabitants annually.

For big success to happen big change needs to happen- no one gets an easy ride. 

However, It is important to remember that we are never too far away from God’s blessings and favour.  No matter how badly we think we’ve gone wrong he is always waiting with open arms.  It’s never too late to see God work in our lives -to see our failures become success stories.


Lord, thank you for the new day, the new life we have through Jesus Christ.
Help us to be happy for the success of our friends and neighbours
Give us the wisdom to put the happiness of others above our own and to give thanks for any triumph, however big or small.
We thank you for the good works you have done through the many notable people that have changed the world and the way we live.
We give you the praise, honour and glory so that we can stop worrying about our drawbacks and know that your ways are greater and your plans are much bigger than our own.
Lord we trust that you have already written the story of our lives- that you only have the best outcomes for your children.  
We pray that these stories become a reality and that we continue to see your glory through our achievements, 
All for the advancement of your Kingdom,