Daily Worship


Albert Bogle November 14, 2015 0 0

Matthew 5:9

Blessed are the peacemakers they shall be called the children of God

I wish life could be easier
Peacemaking is a dangerous occupation
Yet You lived in the crossfire
I live in the midst of violence and fear
All around me voices compete to be heard
I stand in the middle - a peacemaker
Caught in the crossfire
Angry words wound
I feel I'm in a struggle to be heard
I'm in a struggle to keep the peace
Anxiety takes over from tranquillity
Stress from stillness
Everyone is on edge
Give me courage 
To stand my ground
To speak your words of peace
To absorb the pain
Give me wisdom
To know when to speak
and when to hold my tongue 
And give me grace
To make the sacrifice
In order to keep the peace.
But save me from cowardice 
that trades justice for a cheap peace.