Daily Worship

Nonsense Talk

Neil MacLennan April 21, 2014 0 0

Luke 24: 9-12

When they came back from the tomb, they told all these things to the Eleven and to all the others. It was Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James, and the others with them who told this to the apostles. But they did not believe the women, because their words seemed to them like nonsense. Peter, however, got up and ran to the tomb. Bending over, he saw the strips of linen lying by themselves, and he went away, wondering to himself what had happened.

You know, He said He would rise again
You know, It was written in the old Scriptures that He would rise again
You know, it was His destiny to rise again
and yet…

And yet.

And yet, it still seems a little too incredible.
Can it be true?
Do I want it to be true?
What does it mean if it’s true?

I think I’ll choose…
… to ignore it
… to see for myself
… to just believe it

Why is it that I have trouble believing good news?
Is it that nothing good ever happens to me?
Is it that I don’t deserve good things to happen to me?
Is it that I don’t think God does Good Things any more?

Today Father
help me to believe without seeing
to understand without expanation
to accept your goodness with grace


by Neil MacLennan