Daily Worship


Norah Summers March 04, 2015 0 0

Psalm 69:1-2

Save me, o God!
The water is up to my neck;
I am sinking in deep mud,
and there is no solid ground.
I am out in deep water,
and the waves are about to drown me.

I am thinking about D.
respected by colleagues,
loved by friends,
well read, 
with wide interests,
good company.

I am thinking about D.
lonely among the friends and colleagues,
uncertain of his own worth,
unable to see a clear path ahead,
imprisoned in his own darkness.

I am thinking about D.
unwilling to confide in anyone,
trying to bear his worries alone.

I am thinking about D.
deciding he could go on no longer, 
summoning courage for death
that he could not find for life.

I am thinking about D.
leaving sadness 
and bewilderment
and guilt   
among his friends,
who could not see the prison walls around him.

God forgive us.