Daily Worship

Life’s lessons

Gillian Paterson October 17, 2013 0 0

Isaiah 59: 12-15

Our wrongdoings pile up before you, God,
our sins stand up and accuse us.
Our wrongdoings stare us down;
we know in detail what we’ve done:
Mocking and denying God,
not following our God,
Spreading false rumors, inciting sedition,
pregnant with lies, muttering malice.
Justice is beaten back,
Righteousness is banished to the sidelines,
Truth staggers down the street,
Honesty is nowhere to be found,
Good is missing in action.
Anyone renouncing evil is beaten and robbed.

Just one more number and then I’ll be rich

Just one more horse to win and then I’ll be rich

Just one more bet and my dreams will come true

Just one more and life will take on a whole new meaning.

All the answers – my future - lie in that bet, ticket and decision.

It was a different number......

The horse fell....

The choices were rubbish....

When will I learn?

Help me to focus on making good choices, right decisions, guided by common sense and the love of God who helps me no matter what I have done. Amen.