Daily Worship

I dreamed

August 21, 2021 2
Image credit: Unsplash

Ecclesiastes 5: 3 (NRSVA)

3 For dreams come with many cares, and a fool’s voice with many words.

Once I dreamed a daydream while lost in a horizon

I didn’t tell it where to go but it went there all the same

Bearing open my heart and imagination for me to peruse in a daze


Once I dreamed a future and planned the way to go

People say God laughs at plans but I didn’t hear it, did you?

I walked the way I planned, with detours, and all in all I was happy


Once I dreamed as I walked and people told me so

I ignored them for they didn’t know I wasn’t asleep

But exploring the deepest recesses of my mind and the world itself seemed distant then


Once I dreamed up a person too good to be true

I didn’t know then why I did it and wasted hours on the colour of their hair

Now I know it was simply me trying to be someone else


Once I dreamed all night long and God was there and you were there

we sat on a suitcase of dreams and stories as it floated through the sea of my mind,

we sailed on it to a shore where God shared wisdom and food with us until I woke




Dear God of dreams and dreamers,

We bring to you our dreams full of cares and plans and failings and desires.

Please help us to sort through them until the goodness remains.

Grant us peace to sleep and to dream and to imagine a world where dreams of peace and light come true.