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Finding the way

Thank God he is always watching over us! Many years ago we were returning from a holiday in France during the night. We had to get back quickly for a family funeral. We were just about out of petrol and no stations seemed to appear on the motorway. We turned off the main route to find a small town, we found a petrol station! But the 24-hour petrol machine was unstaffed and for some odd reason did not accept my credit card. 

We found a police station and managed to throw little stones at the window to attract the attention of a policeman inside! In pigeon French I tried to explain the situation. A police car arrived and the police took us to the petrol station and filled up our car with petrol in exchange for the Francs I had left. A further search in the dark did not reveal the on ramp to get back onto the motorway, so a few dodgy turns, probably up wrong streets finally got us back on our way. We laugh now, but at the time it was a nightmare of a journey. Thank God he is always watching over us! As sure as the sun and the moon in the sky, our God remains faithful with us on our journeys, the good ones as well as the bad ones, and he sees us through.


Loving God, sometimes we are lost, sometimes we just feel lost, but then we remember that you seek us out in love, you welcome us with an embrace, and you set us on the right path again. Thank you, God, for your great faithfulness. In the name of Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Amen.

Psalm 89: 36-37

36 He will always have descendants,
    and I will watch over his kingdom as long as the sun shines.
37 It will be as permanent as the moon,
    that faithful witness in the sky.”


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