Daily Worship

Discipleship has a cost - possessions

Norah Summers April 05, 2014 0 0

Luke 18: 23

But when the man heard this, he became very sad, because he was very rich.

“If I can’t take it with me when I go,
I just ain’t gonna go” –

so says an old song.

We smile,
but oh, how we do love our stuff.

It defines us –

we collect books,

We keep things that belonged to Great-Granny.
We cling to our prejudices.
We have no intention of changing our attitudes.
We are weighed down by the baggage of our past.

And along you come, Jesus,
and say
Give it all away.

Don’t bother to pack,
just follow me.

Never mind the rucksack
or the walking poles,
just follow me.

I would feel quite naked –
I can’t go anywhere without my handbag!
How will I know who I am?

But you say I can become someone new,
free as air,

free to follow
wherever you lead me.

Lead me, Lord.


Norah Summers
Falkirk Trinity Church