Daily Worship

Cold comfort

jolove April 16, 2013 0 0

Job 3:2-10

O God, put a curse on the day I was born;

put a curse on the night when I was conceived!

Turn that day into darkness, God.
Never again remember that day;
never again let light shine on it.

Make it a day of gloom and thick darkness;
cover it with clouds, and blot out the sun.

Blot that night out of the year,
and never let it be counted again;
make it a barren, joyless night.

Tell the sorcerers to curse that day,
those who know how to control Leviathan.

Keep the morning star from shining;
give that night no hope of dawn.

Curse that night for letting me be born,
for exposing me to trouble and grief.

Jesus, did you ever walk in Job’s moccasins?
Was his story part of the lore you knew?
Did you ever toss and turn in the night,
fall asleep just before dawn
and on waking,
pull the blanket over your head
and be unable to move all day?
Did you know the sting of a Comforter’s pep talk?
or see the wincing of the so Comforted?
There are darknesses that do overcome all light,
but you are not afraid to gently enter,
to sit at the bottom of the well,
to stay when we’re sure you’ve left us,
to light a candle for us,
keeping our name on your lips.


Written by Jo Love