Daily Worship

A Prayer For Brushing Your Teeth

Laura Digan February 07, 2023 2 3
Image credit: Unsplash

Psalm 19: 14 (NRSVA)

14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
    be acceptable to you,
    O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.

When I was younger I was more impetuous than what I am now. I would often open my mouth, and, in the words of a teacher of mine, let my belly rumble!

When I look back I’m saddened to think of the people I hurt with barbed comments and flippancy I thought was humorous.

I like to think I’m more mature now, that my words raise others up but I know in my heart this isn’t always the case. My words can still hurt others.

My wee Grandson is very matter of fact, he says it like it is! He is only four years old and he hasn’t yet realised that words are powerful. The other week he described someone as being fat.  I tried to explain that it can be hurtful to say that someone is fat. And Alfie said ‘but they are fat Granny Laura, they have a big belly!’ So I explained that some people are sad if they are called fat, that it hurts their feelings. And we thought about words he can use instead of the word fat. Words like plump which he really enjoyed saying, liking how it sounded in his ear and felt on his mouth!




Lord, let the words I use today be like music to those who hear them, may they be uplifting, making hearts sing.

May my words encourage and refresh.

May my words bring comfort and peace.

May my words bring needed challenge.

May my words be filled with love.

May my words be your words.