Thursday 16 September 
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Bordering On… (October)

October 2019 (29 September - 2 November) see the Resource Pack PDF for full details and the Discussion Questions PDF to see the material adapted for small groups.

This October as we pray and read the Bible together we are going to think about borders, barriers, edges, horizons — the liminal spaces between one thing and the other.

Our creator God is at the heart of creation, but also at the edges and the places in-between — where things blur and bleed and blend. Those places where we are longing, or waiting, or wondering.

Many of our readings this month reflect on loss and uncertainty. We don’t want to shy away from that reality, but as we travel the borderlands we will also take the opportunity to look for signs of hope and encouragement.

Jesus is next to us at home but he also walks alongside us through the wilderness. The Spirit guides us when we are flying high at the top of our game, but also sighs with us, using words from a deep language when we find ourselves falling between this and that, here and there, now and then, gazing towards the glimmer of the horizon.

See the PDF resource pack for the weekly subthemes, daily Bible readings and thought triggers and the PDF Discussion Questions to see the material adapted for use in a small group setting.