Friday 10 April
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Due to the COVID-19 situation we have re-arranged the Digital Church Conference to be an online conference.

In the light of so many church leaders and congregations looking for guidance and support to begin to engage with digital media at this time, this particular workshop will help leaders begin to think about the relationship between online church and church online. I will also invite us all to begin to think about the future opportunities technology opens up to the church of the 21st century.

  • Conference 1 — Digital Church: Essentials (Completed)
  • Conference 2 — Digital Church: Rebooting Church (Completed)
  • Conference 3 — Digital Church: Creativity and Creatives (4 May 2020)
  • Conference 4 — Digital Church: Time to Fish (8 June 2020)

Details of the programme for conferences 3 and 4 will be published shortly.

Throughout the whole series of workshops we are especially keen to include creatives in the process – be that pioneers, artists, film makers, musicians, writers – and also those engaged in church leadership, formation, and the practice of digital church. We’ll also be inviting a number of professional theologians to be present at each event. Materials presented at the event, and created around each event will be collected for publication at the end of the series of workshops.

The content will reflect the monthly reflections of Sanctuary First’s online discipleship materials, while being specifically related in the seminar to aspects of digital expressions of church. We want to look closely at what it might mean for churches across Scotland to be spiritual hubs for their local communities both online and offline. How might your church develop an online presence, a digital expression of Church, to serve the wider community? Details relating to contributors and content will from time to time be be updated on the site.

Conference Planning

Digital Church: Essentials

Room 5.3, Lister Learning and Teaching Centre, 5 Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9SU

Digital Church: Rebooting Church

Online —

Digital Church: Creativity and Creatives

Online —

Digital Church: Time to Fish

Online —