"Moving Into Action"

This is an opportunity to network with others and to explore the new opportunities to plant and grow new style congregations within the family of the Church of Scotland.

We also hope it will be an opportunity to encourage us to engage across the various denominations in Scotland as well as seek to develop new partnerships among our own congregations.

This is a Sanctuary First initiative to encourage congregations in Falkirk Presbytery and the surrounding presbyteries to begin to engage with the 3-year Radical Action Plan, however all are welcome to come and participate in the event.

The cost of Conference including the cost of coffee breaks is £15.00
The cost of Conference including packed lunch and fruit is £22.00

Contributor Summary

Among our contributors are Right Rev Colin Sinclair, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland giving the opening address.
The Sanctuary First Worship Band including material from Sanctuary First worship library.
Dr Pete Phillips from the Digital Theology Centre, Durham University on 'Building a local digital strategy that is global'
Darren Philip is the Children's Development Worker at Livingston United Parish Church
Sanctuary First Team sharing an invitation to join our Digital Neywork
Very Rev Dr John Chalmers, Convener of the new Trustees of the church of Scotland set up to drive forward the three year Radical Action Plan.




Colin Sinclair

Rt Rev Colin Sinclair

Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

Peter Phillips

Dr Pete Phillips

Director, CODEC Research Centre

Pete has many years experience of teaching/researching the New Testament, and now explores the interface between all things digital and theological. During his time at CODEC, Pete has pioneered new ways of exploring theology among the Digital Humanities and also developed the world's first MA in Digital Theology, hosted within Cranmer Hall's suite of MA programmes. Pete loves playing with tech, hacking new data, developing new opportunities for research. A lot of Pete’s work takes him outside of Durham – working with the Church of England’s Digital Team.

John Chalmers

Very Rev John Chalmers

Chairman of the Assembly Trustees

Linda Pollock

Rev Linda Pollock

Minister, Possilpark Parish Church

Linda Pollock is a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Parish of Possilpark, Glasgow. She is passionate about nurturing children in Faith and being nurtured by them – a reciprocal relationship is key in her understanding of nurturing and growing disciples of all ages.

Peter Neilsom

Darren Philip

Children's Development Worker

Darren is the Children's Development Worker at Livingston United Parish Church where he has served for 10 years.He is a writer for, "Roots," a resource for the Church and he is currently studying part time at Aberdeen University where he is wonderfully surprised by his love of the work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. His primary passion is creating space where the local church is fully intergenerational, with children at the centre of that community, serving and leading alongside adults. He is a keen follower of South African politics, a fan of Curling, married to the beautiful Amanda and dad to their beloved son, Cameron.

Albert Bogle

Very Rev Albert Bogle

Minister, Sanctuary First

Albert describes the Sanctuary First vision as the catalyst that inspires christians to re-imagine the internet as the open door which creates possibilities to re-think church for every generation. Appointed in April 2016 as minister of Sanctuary First (a pioneering ministry being developed by Falkirk Presbytery), he develops the aspiration that Sanctuary First will become a worshipping congregation of the Church of Scotland on the internet. As leader of Sanctuary First he is keen to develop partnerships with congregations to inspire them to see the potential of the internet as a communication tool.