Monday 25 January
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ABC of Discipleship

Each session will include the four themes of the ABC of Discipleship, namely:
Acceptance, belonging, commitment and discipleship.

These themes are interwoven in a ’holistic manner’ into the content of each session. The four Sessions are structured round the four vows of Church membership (as used within the Church of Scotland) 

  • Do you believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and confessing Jesus Christ, as your Saviour and Lord?
  • Do you promise to join regularly with your fellow Christians in worship on the Lord’s Day? 
  • Do you promise to be faithful in reading the bible and in prayer?
  • Do you give a fitting proportion of your time, talents and money for the Church’s work in the world?
  • Do you promise depending on the grace of God, to profess publicly your loyalty to Jesus Christ, to serve him in your daily work, and to walk in his ways all the days of your life?

The sessions can be used flexibly for outreach events, the basis for new communicant members classes or as a bible study designed to deepen and foster the faith of each participant. The format of the four sessions will include the following sections and each of these can be used as the leader or group considers appropriate.

  • The Vow, with comment by speaker.
  • Teaching section: linked to the cycle of grace and the cycle of works (provided by the very Rev. Albert Bogle, St Andrews Bo’ness/Sanctuary First)
  • Short Films
  • Contextual Bible study
  • Faith Exercises
  • A variety of forms of Prayer
  • Endings: meditative films, exercises

The length of each session would be 45 minutes to an hour in length, with time added for discussion and appropriate fellowship time for tea/coffee.