Tales From The Library - The Fox and The Forest

Thursday, 21 May, 2020 / 3:00 pm
Tales From The Library - The Fox and The Forest

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Join us for Tales From The Library: A new connect book review club in the Virtual Coffee Shop. Every Thursday at 3pm we will explore a new book and tale from various different writers. Read the book in advance or listen to our available audio recordings of the stories and then join us for a chat about the story and its deeper themes and meanings. Book recordings will be made available on the Wednesday before the Connect Group chat. Sign up below in order to take part and access the books.

The Fox and The Forest by Ray Bradbury

This week we will be reading to The Fox and The Forest by Ray Bradbury. The Story tells of a young couple trying to escape a life under an oppressive government by traveling and escaping into the past. The flight from oppressive governments being a reality even now in modern life. This other worldly tale asks if it is truly possible to escape your life and responsibilities, to escape from the time and place you were born into another life. 


1. Think about how Bradbury paints the world we are introduced to at first, how does his use of language used to describe the festival stand out? 

2. How do you think our modern-day perspective taints how we see this world from our time in our future?

3. How do you feel about the characters we are introduced to; do we empathise with them and their decision to flee their world?

4. Think about the character of Sims, in what way does this character play out as our antagonist?  does he have a sympathetic side? 

5. Think about the way Bradbury uses alcohol and cigarettes as not only vices but a crucial narrative device within the story, what do you think this says about the story’s message and the world of the future he paints for us?

6. How does Bradbury approach the element of time travel in the story, how much affect does the characters actions have on the future if any? is it clear wither the characters outcome was destined to happen? or does he leave it open to interpretation?

There is also a radio play of this book that slightly diverges from the book but is interesting should you wish to review further material:

alternative audio play link


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