Tales From The Library - Flute Dream

Thursday, 17 September, 2020 / 3:00 pm
Tales From The Library - Flute Dream

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The Flute Dream by Hermann Hesse

“If what this subtle clever old bard was singing in his muted voice was true, then all my songs were only nonsense and silly child's play.”

This week we will be reading 'Flute Dream' by Hermann Hesse, this will be our second week of exploring the more spiritual and reflective side of Hesse's writings. This story much like many other of Hesse's short fairy tales is set within the story telling parameters of a dream - a narrative device that was to be employed by Hesse in several of his works. The story begins with a young man going - as many fairy tales do - on a journey. He is sent on the way by his father on a journey to find out who he is and to come of age and learn the ways of the world. The idea of characters being set the challenge of reaching enlightenment and understanding of their inner being and wishes and wants is again a common theme is Hesse's work, he would go on the explore these themes in much more detail in his full novel works such as; Demian and Siddhartha.

This story can be found in  the books 'Fairy Tales by Hermann Hesse' and 'Strange News From Another Star'. These books are avilible on Amazon and other online retailers.

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