Tales From The Library - Seneca II & III

Thursday, 30 April, 2020 / 3:00 pm
Tales From The Library - Seneca II & III

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Join us for Tales From The Library: A new connect book review club in the Virtual Coffee shop. Every Thursday at 3pm we will explore a new book and tale from various different writers. Read the book in advance or listen to our available audio recordings of the stories and then join us for a chat about the story and its deeper themes and meanings. Book recordings will be made available on the Wednesday before the Connect Group chat. Sign up below in order to take part and access the books.

Week 2 - Seneca  - Letters from a stoic

This week we will be covering the book 'Letters From a Stoic'. The letters by the roman philosopher 'Seneca'. Lucius Annaeuss Seneca was born in Cordoba at about the same time as Christ. These Letters have been translateed by Robin Campbell from latin to english. We will start with a short introduction to Seneca and Stoicism and then move onto letters II and III. 

This book sections we will be covering will be made availible via audio recordings acsessable upon signing up to the book club. Alternativey the book is availible for purchase via google books, and in part avialible for free, you will find the complete introduction however only letters III and VII in the free google preview. 

Google Books - Seneca -Letters From a Stoic

Example questions to think about for the book club:

1. When listening or reading the letters, think about how the teachings spoken of may affect your day to day life, do you abide by these already? perhaps you disagree?

2. How do elements of his writings align with other moral and philsophical teachings you have encountered, like those found in that of the Bible?

3. What aspect of Senecas life do you find most compelling?

4. In letter II Seneca speaks of keeping a focused mind, do you agree with his statements on ping ponging from book to book? or perhaps see it more as a broader metaphor than a specific example?

5. What are your thoughts on Senecas writings on openness and the trust found in freindship in letter III?

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