Tales From The Library “The Pedestrian”

Thursday, 23 April, 2020 / 3:00 pm
Tales From The Library “The Pedestrian”

SIGN UP NOW - Starting this Thursday at 3PM Join us for Tales From The Library: a new connect book review club in the Virtual Coffee shop. Every Thursday at 3pm we will explore a new book and tale from various different writers. Read the book in advance or listen to our available audio recordings of the stories and then join us for a chat about the story and its deeper themes and meanings. Book recordings will be made available on the Wednesday before the Connect Group chat. Sign up below in order to take part and access the books.

This week: The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury .
This story tells the tale of Mr Leonard Mead, a writer in the year 2053, a time in which nobody reads books anymore. The story begins with Leonard Mead stepping out into the night for the unusual past time of going for a walk, this would not seam so strange if it were not for the fact, that in a city of three million people he alone is the only one who walks anywhere.

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