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Bearing with young and old

The process of re-imagining church - of reassessing how we and why we do it - involves all of us, young and old, present and not present, casual and committed, starting out and stopping over, holding tight and hardly holding on. Today we recommit to celebrating the dignity of all involved.


When it comes to re-imagining church,

challenge us Lord Above All,

to think wider, broader, and deeper,

including those others would not,

finding roles for people

that dignify and magnify.

May we be faithful and diligent in

finding and nurturing and championing

the gifts of others.

May we rejoice in the splendour of the treasure 

that is one another.

Open our ears to the sincere wisdom of the young

and the lighthearted exuberance of the old.


1 Samuel 2: 18-20, 26

18 Samuel was ministering before the Lord, a boy wearing a linen ephod. 19 His mother used to make for him a little robe and take it to him each year, when she went up with her husband to offer the yearly sacrifice. 20 Then Eli would bless Elkanah and his wife, and say, ‘May the Lord repay you with children by this woman for the gift that she made to the Lord’; and then they would return to their home.

26 Now the boy Samuel continued to grow both in stature and in favour with the Lord and with the people.


By Caroline Ewing, 9 months ago

Thank you very much to all who contribute to Sanctuary First . I cannot attend church due to deafness and severe tinnitus ( which is not music friendly ! ) I miss it very much and have been delighted to receive the daily emails from Sanctuary First . It makes me feel part of a church and gives me a sense of fellowship .
The isolation deafness incurs has serious psychological problems and SanctuaryFirst offers inclusion in worship and fellowship which is great .
Can I ask you to consider that all videos include subtitles or at least make this an aim for the future to further this sense of inclusion in all that ST has to offer ?
Thank you once again for this lifeline .

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