Life Frame

This month’s theme is entitled ‘Life Frame”. It’s an invitation to look at the experiences in our lives that we feel are important and begin to evaluate the place and position that we give to wealth and material possessions.

For some life frame is dominated by sport and high risk pursuits. For others there may be a longing for a more quiet and less stressful existence. Over the next three months Sanctuary First is going to explore the significance of the temptations of Jesus Christ in the Wilderness. We aim to take one temptation each month and begin to explore how it might speak to our lives in the 21st Century.

In Mathew’s Gospel we’re told that the essence of the first temptation was to “turn stones into bread” in other words to concentrate on his immediate physical needs rather than reflect on the significance of a wider and deeper human need. Human nature hasn’t changed much today we face the temptation to make sure “I’m all right Jack”. The temptation to satisfy the physical needs of self and family and ignore the fact that we are more than body and soul, were are spiritual beings.

This video is part of the Life Frame Part 1 theme.

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