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Living in the Library

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The Bible is a strange kind of book. If you ask people to think of a book - chances are the Bible is one of the first books they will call to mind. But the Bible is much older, stranger and wilder than the category ‘book’. It is more of a library than a book - a collection written over thousands of years across a number of different cultures, spanning multiple genres. The Bible, inspired by the breath of the Holy Spirit, is history, poetry, theology, legal text, true crime, songbook, biography and more…It features compelling characters and gripping stories that continue to inspire countless generations of artists and writers.

But we often miss the twists and turns, moments of high drama, compelling characterisation and arresting dialogue, too keen to rush on to a succinct moral message. Instead of living in the library (wandering the shelves so to speak…) we dash to the exit looking for a neat answer. The Bible does offer ethical guidance but its narrative is also meant to capture the heart and imagination.

So this month we are going to borrow the tools of literature to get to grips with these stories and rediscover them so we can engage with the language and stories afresh. Each week we will focus on different aspects of narrative. We will be asking our Daily Worship writers to draw connections between the readings and their favourite stories. For instance, what can the Bible tell us about Treasure Island? And what can Treasure Island tell us about the Bible? We will celebrate how the Bible has inspired countless works of ingenuity, compassion and wonder; re-engaging with the sweeping narrative of longing, loss, grace, and redemption that sparks and sustains our culture.

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