Journaling the Journey

It’s important to reflect but we can’t live in the past. We have to learn and move on. Journaling can be an invaluable way of sorting through our complex inner world of memory, emotion and thought. Expressing our nagging doubts, wistful wonders, bolts of insight and nights of frustration can help us grow and become more self aware. We are reminded by Psalm 39, that our lives are as short as a few hands breadths. The habit of journaling can help us hold on and let go. It helps us remember the past and step into the future. This month we’re going to talk about life’s journey and ways of journalling that journey.

There will be a new feature opened up on the website and on our App beginning 1st January . This will enable our subscribers to begin have the opportunity to keep an online journal which will be password protected and which only they can access. We hope this new feature will enable a greater participation and encourage more people to share some of the insights they have received from being part of the Sanctuary First Community.

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