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God Among Us

Bethlehem changes our perspective on God. Instead of looking up to the heavens , we look down on a manger. Instead of the being amazed at the majesty of the God, we are surprised by the humility of God. Instead of God beyond us, we find God among us. Instead of God as spirit, we encounter God in the flesh. Instead of the unknown God, God has a face. God is no longer distant. God is here. But where do we see this elusive God, who chooses a stables over a palace and a cross over a throne?   This month we invite you to walk towards Christmas with the expectation that you will meet with God in unexpected ways. This is the God who left clues to this coming like a treasure trail over centuries of mysterious prophecies, and teases us with visions of a new world that will starve the tabloids of headlines. This God "became and human being and moved into the neighbourhood." Keep your eyes open. God is with us. Week One - God around us (Matthew 25: 31-41 - Christ in "the other") Week Two - God ahead of us (Revelation 21 and 22: New heaven and new earth) Week Three - God  behind us(Texts from "Messiah") Week Four - God with us (Texts from Nativity Stories)

Prayers & Readings