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Fountains of Wisdom

Where are the gushing, bubbling fountains of wisdom in your neighbourhood?


Who keeps the old stories?

Who always has a new one?

Who nods sagely and dances outrageously?

Who is quick with a word of encouragement?

Who won’t stand for your nonsense?

Who do people turn to in a crisis?

Who bubbles over with wisdom?

So much they can’t contain it? (And why would they?)


Lord and source of all wisdom,

Thank you for those who bubble with warmth and insight in our communities.

Those who refuse to grow stagnant,

but who instead keep going

- in full flow -

guardians of our homes and hearts

servants of your grace and love.


Proverbs 18: 4

4 The words of the mouth are deep waters;
    the fountain of wisdom is a gushing stream.

Lent Discipline

WEEK 4: Think of a place in your neighbourhood (it might be a specific street or a particular building) where you know there are people struggling or suffering. Commit to pray for that same place every day this week.


By Andy Campbell, 7 months ago

Oooh it’s getting better and better all week. This one has been my favourite tho.
Until tomorrow anyway.
Thank you

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