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Faith is for the young

Faith is for…
The young in heart
The young in Spirit
The young in playfulness
The young in learning
The young who seek adventure
The young who do not weary
The young who do not give up easily
The young who welcome challenge.
The young who seek commitment.
Faith is for the young
Because age brings caution and counter to all that enriches and enlivens the call of the Gospel.
Yes, faith is for the young.
May the God of all ages grant us youth in our faith.

Ecclesiastes 12:1

1 Remember your Creator
    in the days of your youth,
before the days of trouble come
    and the years approach when you will say,
    ‘I find no pleasure in them’–


By John Lloyd Williams, about 9 months ago

What an ageist prayer! As an older person, I felt myself marginalised and stereotyped by this prayer. Has the church no recognition of the spiritual needs of older people and their place in the family of the church?


By Albert Bogle, about 9 months ago

Hello John,

Thank you for your comment. It maybe that Liz the writer might want to explain a bit more her thinking in writing the prayer or reflection in this style.  As an older person myself like you I initially took a sharp breath. Then I looked at the text for today. The writer of Ecclesiastes is suggesting that age can make us spiritually cynical.  And also age can rob us of our mobility and pleasure we once had. It can also rob us of the innocence of discovering new things. You know the more we see the more we talk about ‘I’ve seen it all before’ and that can rob us of the spirit of expectancy . I think the prayer writer is asking God to keep our hearts tender to keep us ever in the place of a child. Remember Jesus said unless we become as a child we will not enter the Kingdom of God.  We often ask the writers to challenge us in the prayers they write. To make us comment on the prayer. In doing so you have allowed me to express my thoughts . If you hadn’t the topic might never have been raised. It’s also interesting to note that most people come to faith in their youthful years.

By Liz Crumlish, about 9 months ago

John, thanks for sharing your reaction to today’s prayer. It was written in response to the text from Ecclesiastes that, I think, encourages us to maintain a youthfulness in our approach to faith, no matter our age. It’s not intended to be a slight on those who are older in years or in faith but a reminder of how Jesus invited us to be like children in the kingdom. For me, that speaks of recovering the vigour and idealism that can sometimes give way to cynicism as suggested by the Ecclesiastes text.
Blessings, Liz

By Richard Michael, about 9 months ago

I get it! And trying to keep that simplicity yet deepness in your faith gets harder the more you value your blessings and get older. Thanks for a thought provoking article and prayer.

By Liz Crumlish, about 9 months ago

Thanks, Richard - yes, it’s hard work trying to keep faith young! Age and experience brings depth and it takes effort to maintain the freshness and newness of God’s blessings that are ‘new every morning’ as the song goes.

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